High Caliber Weekly Webcast and Ezine for The Internet Marketing Professional in 2019

Affiliate Bulldog

   The Affiliate Bulldog is the website that is designed to help you get all of the knowledge you need for your plan of attack. Whether you are already an influencer doing affiliate marketing on the side, trying to make your next ebook a hit, running your own ecommerce store(s), or you just want to learn how to get started making money online using proven methods from the top performing marketers in the world. 

   I started this website myself because in the USA it is getting harder and harder for people to get jobs that pay a living wage. There are homeless people everywhere. What if anyone had the ability to go online, find the exact knowledge they needed right away, and could make money from any public library in the country or even an economical laptop computer.

   I have decided to publish a collection of courses about ways that people make money online and not only that but to give step by step guides on how to execute the vision properly with a MUCH higher chance of success. 

   Each week I will be featuring a new ebook. For each ebook there will be an instructional video series. These will be videos shot by me and I hope they won’t be boring but the goal is getting you the latest information available in the internet marketing space.

   If you choose to opt into my newsletter with a valid email then I will be emailing out a video each week to all of my subscribers, going over the featured ebook. I will go over everything in detail so those who would rather listen to a podcast or watch a video instead of reading the ebook can do so and if they are on the mailing list they will get all the videos for free. 

   Each video will come with an ezine featuring the latest top articles from my blog as well as a resource report that goes over any new tools we are learning about that week.

   You do not have to wait until I make a video on the ebook, you can actually pick up a copy of any one of them at any time for super affordable prices in the store. The videos will come as upgrades that cost a little bit extra but like I said if you sign up for the newsletter I will eventually go over all of the material presented here for FREE.

   I do NOT spam. I do NOT sell or rent out ANY email addresses and your email will ONLY be used to send you the webcast and ezine.

   Eventually I will probably start publishing the past broadcasts here on the website but as of now you just need to drop your email in the sidebar or pick a subscription at the bottom of the page.

   The official name of the broadcast is is The Affiliate Bulldog…

   Years ago, when I worked in sales as a sales manager, we used to call the highest selling people on my team or in the company/organization “pitbulls”. I don’t really like the name Affiliate Pitbulls, though, so I changed it to Affiliate Bulldog because when people think of a stereo-typical bulldog we think of it being less aggressive than a pitbull.  It is every bit of not even more persistent, however. Persistence is the key to online marketing.

   The rest is history and now this website is the place to go to get digital content that increases your knowledge of online marketing, social media marketing, how to become an influencer, paid advertising, and internet marketing in general. In order to spread the word about affiliatebulldog.com we are offering a “Founders” subscription that allows the lifelong subscriber to get access to 100% off discount codes so that not only can get free downloads but he can give out free downloads to his followers and/or customers as incentives.

   If you are an affiliate marketer and I am assuming that you are or are at least interested in affiliate marketing then you know or will learn that the top sellers in your niche are there because they offer the best free products as incentives to their customers for buying from them specifically.

   If you come across one of my ebooks or video courses that you want to be able to offer to your customers for free then just shoot me an email to purchase the private label rights or so I can set you up with custom coupon codes (founders only).

   At the moment we are offering digital content for internet marketers, influencers, social media marketers, and those selling make money online products. The store is about to be expanding in a huge way. I plan to start publishing content for other top niches such as health and fitness and not just marketing. If you have a niche that you can’t find high end digital products for then please just shoot me an email or let me know on the forum so I get what you need listed for download.

  If you would like the private label rights to a product then you simply need to send me an email to let me know which product you need the private label rights for. 

   The cool thing to know is that you do not need to own the PLR rights in order to be able to offer my products for FREE to YOUR customers!

   By signing up for the “Founders” subscription you will get access to coupon codes and/or affiliate links for my products that give your customers 100% off. This means that not only do you get free downloads for life but if you give out one of these promo codes to a customer of yours then that customer of yours ALSO gets free downloads (on that one product) just for buying your product and using my promo code in the affiliate bulldog store.

   All subscribers and founders get access affiliate links they can use to promote affiliatebulldog.com products for a 60% commission. The affiliates page can then be accessed to keep track of sales. Inactive affiliates will be removed after 90 days but will still remain subscribers. For any questions please email [email protected]

   Anyways, thanks for stopping by, check out our new downloads and head over to the forums to see what is going on in the world of marketing on the interwebs! The forums are free to use for guests and subscribers to ask questions and to network.

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