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Get your digital ebook or video course published on affiliatebulldog.com


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Basically to find out if your digital product is something that affiliatebulldog.com will publish then just email [email protected].

It should be related to making sales online, online marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, making money online, motivational books, books about blogging and success, things like that. Just ask if you aren't sure.

If your digital content is published then there are 3 options:

a.) It gets published for free in the members ezine, or on the website as a free download, or free article, and you get your backlink posted from our blog to yours to help you with SEO.

b.) You may sell the content (and the private label rights of the content) to me for a fast cash price and I go on to publish it on my website however I want. (Usually $10 - $200 depending on the content)

c.) You accept an offer to have your digital content offered for sale in the shop and you get paid royalties every time someone downloads it. You get 90% of the sales price on direct sales. You get 30% of the sales price from affiliate sales.






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